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Should You Consider Pay Per Click Advertising?

That is a good question. But what's a good answer? That depends......I'm going to lay it out a quick and easy set of questions and steps you can take right now to see if this might be the right way for you to go.  I'm not going to base this analysis on how many clicks you pay for or how many visitors come to your site, but rather how much new business in real dollars you'll be able to generate using this strategy and what it will cost you to get that business.

1. What is a new customer worth to your business?
For most real estate folks that I've worked with over the years a new client is someone who either lists or buys a house from you, or both! So the first question is what is that worth to you in dollars. I know it depends, but this is not an exact number, just a starting point for analysis. You know what your market is like and what your commission rate is etc. So how much?

2. How Do You Define Internet Success?
If you're expecting hot leads with cash in hand who are ready to buy using you as their agent then I'd suggest you might not be ready for Pay Per Click Advertising. If what you're looking for is a method of helping buyers and sellers locate you for further information and contact, then you've come to the right place.  It's competitive, but if done properly can be very rewarding and profitable.

3. Do You Know How To Follow Up With An Internet Lead?
I'm sure you know what to do when a potential customer picks up the phone and calls you. But what about a lead that only provides a name and an email address? This happens quite a bit in my world and you must have an effective means of continuing the conversation, or they will be lost to you. This is where a targeted email campaign will be worth it's weight in gold. Really!

4. Are You Willing To Do The Research?
Anyone who plays in the Pay Per Click game had better know what they're doing or they could very easily rack up thousands of dollars in click charges, with no results to show for it. So if you're thinking about this I'd suggest you become educated BEFORE you start your first campaign. I've put together an Adwords Tutorial that you can enroll in right now. It's free and it will give you a quick education. Check it out here

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