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SEO Defined. Search Engine Optimization a.k.a. SEO is the process of making your site appealing to Google and other search engines so that it is on the top of first page when someone keys in your targeted keywords. The purpose is to drive visitors to your site who are interested in what you are offering.

Keywords--What They Are and How To Select Them.  Keywords are the bait that lures customers to your website. Webster's defines Keywords as "a word or phrase submitted to a search engine in an effort to locate relevant documents or websites".  In other words it's what your potential clients are looking for.  I recommend that before you do anything to you website you first determine what your potential customers are "keying in" on Google and other search engines.  Google has a nice tool that will help you find keywords that are right for your business.  Check it out at For most of my real estate clients a good starting point is "Your City Real Estate", "Your City Homes" where "Your City" is replaced with the major city in your service area. Start there and add other options. Create a complete list of all the potential Keywords for your business and keep this list.

How To Optimize Your Website.  Now that you're selected your Keywords it's time to modify your website to reflect those Keywords. Ideally you don't have a lot of work to do here. First I'd take a look at your home page, the Title Tag and Description Tag. Your Title tag should be no more than 80 characters and should have your major Keywords in it. Next take a look at the body text of the homepage. It should tell the story of you major keywords and must be relevant and readable.  Finally have a plan to add fresh content to your site that is consistent with your keywords.  In summary make your site relevant, fresh and on target to your selected keywords.

Link Sharing.  Getting links from other sites remains a very important and difficult task. Web owners are a big gunshy about linking to other sites since Google began it's on-going progam of punishing link sites that it feels is scamming their system. Your best best is to produce unique and interesting content that will encourage others to link to it. This is one of those easy to say difficult to do statements.

FREE--SEO Check Up Tell me your webiste and 3 of your major keywords and I'll analyze your site for SEO. It's free and no obligation, just my way of showing you the benefit of working with a professional web marketer. Free SEO Check Up