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First, SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Every Website has a SEO Score and it ranges from 0 to 10. Your Website?s SEO Score predicts your site?s ability to generate leads and produce an income stream for you. This has nothing to do with pay per click advertising, but a good SEO Score is vital for placement in the Free or organic section of the search engines.


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I use five different metrics to determine a Website?s SEO Score. I use an Open Directory tool to determine your Website?s Ranking Potential and Backlinks value. Then I look at your PageRank, which is used exclusively by Google to rate Websites. It is very hard to get a Website with a low PageRank on page one of the search engines unless it is for a very unimportant keyword phrase. Then I look at the Website?s content to judge the content and meta tags and finally, I check to see the site?s placement on Google for the keyword phrase you provide or whatever your Website suggests. I add up all these scores---there are five of them?and divide by 5. This is how the SEO Score is calculated.


When you look at the Websites that have top search engine placement for competitive keyword phrases, all of the tops ranked sites have high SEO Scores. Is it possible to have a high SEO Score and still not generate many leads and produce a healthy income stream? The answer is Yes. You can do everything right with your Website and score high in every metric and still fail to generate any business if you are marketing in an area that doesn?t have any. Let me be clear. If you have a Website with a high SEO Score and you have or want top placement for keyword phrases such as Orlando Real Estate or San Diego Real Estate or Dallas Real Estate, you are probably too busy to read this newsletter or you soon will be. On the other hand, if your Website has a high SEO Score and you want top placement for any number of rural cities throughout the country, your odds are not so good. So, a high SEO Score is a predictor of success if you are marketing in a competitive area.


Our business is setting up real estate Websites that produce leads for our clients and we guarantee good leads so if you are not getting the results you want, I urge you to call or email me today. You?ll love the results